Replacement Colloidal Silver Generator Electrodes, Pure Silver 99.99%

Fits Colloidal Silver Generator Models: SWCcs02 and SWCcs03

These Colloidal Silver Generator, Solid Replacement Electrodes are 99.99% pure silver and come in a set of 2.

Silver electrodes are crucial components in the production of colloidal silver. Essentially, they are small pieces of pure silver wire that are immersed in distilled water. By applying a low voltage DC power source to the electrodes, the silver ions dissolve into the water, creating colloidal silver.

It is important to use high-quality silver electrodes in order to produce a high-quality colloidal silver solution. This means that the silver electrodes should be pure and free from impurities, such as other metals or coatings. Furthermore, the electrodes must be separated from each other and the sides of the container to avoid creating a short circuit, which can damage the power source. To accommodate this, some manufacturers offer specialized colloidal silver generators that come equipped with built-in electrode holders.

While the use of silver electrodes is a popular method for producing colloidal silver, it is important to note that the process is not regulated or standardized. As a result, the quality and concentration of the solution can vary greatly depending on the materials and methods used. Moreover, making colloidal silver at home comes with some risks. Therefore, it is always best to consult with a healthcare professional before using colloidal silver as a supplement or alternative medicine.


  • Set of 2 Replacement Solid 99.99% Pure Silver Electrodes
  • Very Cheap 48 Tracked Delivery
  • Fits Colloidal Silver Generator Models: SWCcs02 and SWCcs03

Colloidal Silver Generator cs02 Replacement Colloidal Silver Generator Electrodes
Colloidal Silver Generator NOT Included

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